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Welcome to the Wine Market, and welcome to our new Website.  Here you will find out everything that is going on at the Wine Market; weekly wine tastings, educational classes and some mind-blowing weekly wine specials.

We have a motto here at the Wine Market; "It's really easy to find a great $50.00 bottle of wine.  The trick, and the art, is finding that great $15.00 bottle of wine".   We devote a very large portion of our time finding those hidden treasures.  We invite you to join us to experience wine & spirits shopping in a whole new way. Take your time and shop for your wine and spirits just the way it should be, relaxed and unhurried. Our staff is knowledgable, we all love wine, and we're friendly. If you don't see what you want, just ask and we'll find it for you. After all, the world of wine is a big place and we want to help you navigate through it.  So stop in, be our guest ... shop, browse, read, learn and taste.

The Wine Market offers over 2,500 wines in stock, with a major nod towards the Old World wines of France, Italy and Spain.  You will also find a very unique and always changing selection of the finest boutique, artisan wines of the West and East Coast.    We also have a large selection of Single Malt Scotches, American craft whiskeys, Island Rums and limited production gin and vodka.  You'll also find many unique beers and ciders with a big emphasis on locally made products. 

Things are ever changing at the Wine Market, so don't miss an opportunity to visit and browse through our extensive inventory.  Our breadth of selection is well regarded and our service second to none.

"It's really easy to find a great $50.00 bottle of wine. 
The trick, and the art, is finding that great $15.00 bottle of wine".

From one of Oregon's
most heralded producers

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    A new luxury Pinot Noir from one of
    California's oldest winemaking families

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      October 9th- 5:00pm to 8:00pm
      MUSIC:  Xibaba

      The White Wines
      2015 LADY ANNA WHITE - Nabygelegen - South Africa
      2014 GAVI - Gran Passione - Italy
      2014 SAUVIGNON BLANC  - Oyster Bay - New Zealand

      The Red Wines
      2014 CHAUSSYNETTE ROUGE - Mas de Boislauzon - France
      2012 PINOT NOIR - Benton-Lane - Oregon
      2013 PINOT NOIR - Diora Wines - California

      October 10th - 4:00pm to 7:00pm

      THEME: Pedroncelli Vineyards

      The Red Wines
      2012 CABERNET SAUVIGNON "Wisdom"
      2012 CABERNET SAUVIGNON "007 Block"
      2012 CABERNET SAUVIGNON "3 Vineyards"
      2002 CABERNET SAUVIGNON "3 Vineyards"
      2001 CABERNET SAUVIGNON "3 Vineyards"
      1999 CABERNET SAUVIGNON "3 Vineyards"
      2012 PETIT SIRAH "Dry Creek Valley"
      1999 PETIT SIRAH "Dry Creek Valley"
      2013 PINOT NOIR "Russian River Valley"
      2012 ZINFANDEL "Bushnell Vineyard"
      2013 ZINFANDEL "Mother Clone"
      2003 ZINFANDEL "Mother Clone"
      1999 ZINFANDEL "Mother Clone"
      2014 ZINFANDEL ROSE "Dry Creek Valley"

      The White Wines
      2014 CHARDONNAY "Dry Creek Valley"
      2014 SAUVIGNON BLANC "Dry Creek Valley"

      720 Main Street - Suite 101
      Mendota Heights, Minnesota 55118
      651-452-9463  -  info@thewinemarket.net